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Orbitke Services

Vehicle Valuations

Orbit digitizes the vehicle valuation process making it much easier, efficient and accurate. It brings excellent valuers closer to the client.

Vehicle Re-inspection Assessments

This will ensure that the repairs are done as per the accident report. It will help to counter check the parts repaired, replaced and repainted in order to prevent the insurance companies and other customers from incurring losses.

Vehicle Pre-theft & Pre-fire Assessments

This will be based on the log-book details, previous valuation history on vehicles' condition and the market value of similar make and models all valuation factors taken into consideration.

Accident Assessments

Our team ensures that correct and accurate details of the accident vehicles are taken into account these include nature of the accident, pre-accident conditions, cost of repairs, time taken, value of the vehicle and salvage value incase of total loss.

Towing Services/Road Rescue

Orbit provides a location based towing service. Our team is to ensure that clients get towed/vehicle recovery to the nearest safe place from accident or breakdown scene.

Our Mission

Entrenching accurate and transparent digitized real-time risk valuations and assessmentsto reduce moral hazard and expedite underwriting and claims settling